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Anything You'd Like To Share?

Do you have any stories and/or pictures you'd like to share?  We'd love to hear about your experiences when using our products.

From simple family camping trips to thrilling expeditions to far-off destinations, your experiences are the end-point of our dedication to the Tentipi brand, and they’re central to your relationship with our brand too.

Brands and manufacturers sometimes fail to fully appreciate the importance of people's unique experiences with their products - and a connection is lost.

At Tentipi, as the brand develops, so does our digital presence. Our development of Social Media platforms now provides us with a unique means of listening to and communicating with our customers, and we’d like to reinforce our committment to the importance of your experiences.

If you have any photos, stories, voyages, or expeditions you’d like to share across our Internet platforms, we'd love to see and hear about them! Please contact Tentipi, at socialmedia@tentipi.com

By submitting material, you give Tentipi the right to publish it on a variety of internet-related platforms. Tentipi must take the liberty to select what is published. 

We can make use of simple Word documents, emails, photographs and video submissions.  Please include your name, and if you have a website we’ll try to include a link too. We’ll share these experiences with others through Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and our Blog — we look forward to hearing from you!