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Onyx 5 - Light Tent

  • Onyx 5 – Light Tent
  • Onyx 5 – Light Tent in the outdoors with T. Mansfield
  • Onyx 5 – Light Tent out in the woods
  • Onyx 5 – Light Tent pitched next to the water
  • Onyx 5 – Light Tent at sunrise with Mansfield Outdoors
7.80 LBS
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Product Description

Tentipi Onyx 5 Light Tent
Solid, dependable, four season performance that's perfect for backpacking, camping and demanding tent outings alike.  Portable, spacious and easy to pitch - Onyx is an affordable Nordic tipi tent that's a truly reliable friend.
Overview of Onyx 5 Light Tent
Tentipi Onyx 5 tent floorplan

The onyx stone is believed to give its bearer protection and help to see things in a wider perspective. No doubt our Nordic tipi tent with the same name will offer its user protection when seeing the world.

The Onyx gives you performance with economy. You get all the good qualities of a Nordic tipi such as a lot of space, good ventilation and the comfort of an open fire inside the tent — but at a much lower price than the Safir, our most advanced Adventure tent model.

Onyx is a versatile, reliable and well-equipped tent that’s affordable. You can carry Onyx easily in your backpack and it can seat up to 10 on the floor, around an open fire if you desire.

Dimensions for Onyx 5 Light Tent
Total Weight: 7.80 lbs
Weight Per Person: 1.30 lbs
Packed Diameter: 7.87 in
Packed Length: 22.44 in
# Sleepers: 4-6
# Seated: 8-10
Erected Diameter: 12.46 ft
Erected Height: 7.54 ft
Photo shows packed view of light model tents in all sizes from largest to smallest. (Backpack for scale).
 Onyx tent package size for backpacking
Onyx 5 Light Fabric And Key Features

Tent fabric for Onyx Light tents

Non Breathable — Traillix B

Lightweight nylon 66 fabric, PU-coated on one side. Carefully selected to be waterproof after prolonged use. Grey color blends well in natural backgrounds.
Tentipi Tent Feature Selector - click for more info
  • Ventilator cap: single piece with two opening points,
    controllable from inside the tent
  • Storm cords: supplied loose
  • Storage bag with drawcord top and compression straps
  • 3 minutes to erect tent
  • Standing room
  • Class-leading storm resistance
  • Use with open fire or stove inside tent
  • Use on its own or with any model of tent floor or inner-tent
  • Tent door: double-zip with integral mosquito protection
  • Hanging loop for drying



The Onyx is our entry-level design for economical, lightweight, backpacking and camping. The fabric has no heavy reinforced edging at the bottom, as found in the Zirkon and Safir range.

Onyx has a one-piece ventilator cap and chimney opening, with two opening points, controllable from inside the tent

This Nordic tipi has no special fresh air intakes at the bottom like Zirkon and Safir, but comes standard with a mosquito-protected door which can be used as an air intake plus simplified indoor ventilation regulation.

Despite its simpler design and materials, Onyx remains an excellent Nordic tipi with high scores for safety and performance in heat, rain, snow and cold. As with all our Adventure range, you’ll have loads of space and full standing room, plus that rare luxury — a companionable open fire if you want it.

Product Videos

Putting Up Your Nordic Tentipi (03:36)
Tentipi Adventure tent enthusiasts around the planet are not just enduring the elements, they're embracing them. They're not merely surviving, they're thriving. They are actively using and appreciating the unique features Tentipi Nordic Tipi's have become world famous for. They are thankful for having invested in the highest quality and most elegantly designed shelter systems available anywhere. Buy Tentipi in the USA and Canada at http://mansfieldoutdoors.com Authorized North American distributor of Tentipi Adventure Products. Explore and buy from our full range of heated adventure tents and outdoor camping gear like stainless steel tent stoves, inner tents, tent porches, tent floors, drying rails and more.
  • Putting Up You...
    Tentipi Adventure tent enthusiasts around the planet are not j...
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Product Reviews

  1. Well Made 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jul 2021

    The materials and craftsmanship of the tent are very good. The top vent is an excellent idea and very useful in warmer conditions. I'd certainly buy another one.

    On the downside, the fabric color is darker than I had expected. On a dark rainy day it is very dark inside the tent. The fabric tape included to assist in placing the stakes is marked for the various other sizes of tipi's. Unfortunately the marks for the Onyx 5 are worthless. After getting the tipi set up, I simply used a permanent red marker to remark that fabric tape.

  2. Love it!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Nov 2016

    Camping with friends or students in the rain can greatly diminish social interaction in a tradition backpacking tent. I was looking for a backpack shelter that I could have a fire in to keep social interaction alive even in wet environments. The nylon Onyx 5 has been a great tent for exactly this purpose. I can fit 4 people around a fire and enjoy comfort no matter what the weather is outdoors. It drafts well and I even hung a pot hanging devise, from the cent pole, so that I can easily cook over the fire. When I go camping I want to be warm and happy and this Tentipi truly enables me to enjoy my time outdoors. Another reason to love Swedish made products.

  3. Most Comfortable Tent I've Slept In 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2015

    I am a field geologist and regularly take students into the field. This year I used the Onyx 5 light in the backcountry in Wyoming and Idaho for a week and change. I've never really been satisfied with the tents I've used before, they're too hard to put up, too small to stand in, and too cold. I didn't have any of these problems with the Onyx.

    Setup was effortless. This was it's best feature for me, I was done setting up before anyone. Once it's up you can stand and dress in it and there is a ton of space for gear. I shared it with one other person and there was still extra room. And almost every night we had a small fire. I used the hekla 7 or a small wood fueled camping stove. Both worked. I had a little trouble smoking up the tent, but I think I need a little more practice. Most importantly it kept the tent warm. I didn't get any serious weather that week, so I can't comment on how well it does in that situation, but I think it would stand up very well.

    A few other points. This isn't a big deal for me because I don't do too much backpacking, but the Onyx 5 light is bigger when packed than it seems (at least to me) in the picture. It is about as big packed as a mid-range 2 person tent, maybe slightly bigger. The included stakes are great, very high quality. There's a lot of tension on them, and I had a little trouble keeping them in the thin, rocky soil I was camping on. One odd design decision is that the zipper for the mosquito netting is on the outside of the tent, so you need to get out to adjust the opening when you have a fire.

    One final thing, the tent was not in stock when I ordered it and had to be shipped from Sweden. It ended up taking a long time to get here, mostly because of problems with FedEx. But Tom was great and extremely helpful throughout the process, great customer service.

  4. Small but big 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2014

    First – a disclaimer: So far, I have only pitched the Onyx 5 in my yard. With some trial and error it went up pretty easily. The measuring cord “stake locator” was very helpful. I experimented with different amounts of tension on the ground straps, as well as shimming up the pole to correct for the uneven ground where I pitched it. Once I got it figured out, it went up tight and even, and will be even easier the next time, I’m sure. I just had to make a fire inside, using the Hekla 7 firebox, to check the upper ventilation cap and available lower ventilation with the mosquito net open or closed, and found that just opening only the door zipper a foot or so was adequate. Also, it’s easy to create a vent by lifting the side at one of the mid-panel bottom loops, if it isn’t being staked down, by just propping it up on a stick (assuming mosquito etc. aren’t a problem). The firebox works fine, and will probably be enough for temperatures down just below freezing, which I’ll find out next winter. Thumbs up!

    I’ll be camping in it with two others next month and am sure it will be roomy enough for the three of us, all our duffel bags, and the firebox.

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